Chaos is one of the strangest types of magic. Not because of what it looks like, but how it is cast. Chaos magic is cast by releasing a part of your soul, and using it to channel the chaos energies into a spell. This magic is definately not for those unused to magic.
Chaos Fire
the thing that makes chaos so sought after however, is its powerful DOT spells and its unique combat applications. For example, if a giant is bearing down on you, and you wish to swat him aside so yuo can continue on your merry way, use a spell with a fear effect, or just blow it up. perhaps you could also attempt to convert it, or even drain its mana. anything is possible. plus, the non specific spells that come with this school are invaluable. these can range from a campfire, to a vast pit, to an extra dimensional rift to store stuff in, what goes in is up to you *wink wink*.

Extra spells (non combat based)Edit

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